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Come visit Bangsaphan Beach Resort,  where you can enjoy nature in a private relaxed setting.  

Bangsaphan Beach Resort is situated on a private beach in Bangsaphan, a small beach town in Prachuap Khirikhun, the southern most province of Central Thailand.

As our guest you will stay in one of our 10 private bungalows, fully equipped with air conditioning, refrigerator, and hot/cold shower.

Step out of your bungalow and you're on the beach. 

Guests have a wide variety of activities to choose from.  There's snorkeling, scuba diving and hiking.  Spa services are also available. 

Come try Prachuap's world renowned pineapple and coconut, or you can just relax on the beach.

Beautiful beaches, scenic mountains, mysterious caves and great food are all waiting for you.

Bangsaphan Beach Resort is the perfect destination for those who want a peaceful getaway.

We look forward to providing you with an experience you won't soon forget

Resort rates:

Shore front bungalow   Unit  1         = 1,300 Baht

                                     Unit  2-5     = 1,000 Baht


Special single guest package rate pernight 1,650 Baht


 Package includes:

 -1 night lodging


-Snorkeling at Tahloo Island with lunch served on ship.



Special "couples" package rate  2,650 Baht


 Package includes:

-2 nights lodging

-2 Breakfasts

-Snorkeling at Tahloo Island with lunch served on ship.

-2 Dinners



October-November Specials:


Reserve 5 bungalows at regular rates and receive a complimentary seafood BBQ valued at 1,500 Baht.

Reserve 10 bungalows at regular rates and receive a complimentary seafood BBQ or Karaoke valued at 2,500 Baht.




     Welcome to Bangsaphan Beach Resort
    The resort situated at Haad Bangsaphan private and white sand,clean beach for 10 bungalows with aircondition ,hot water ,refrigerator. 
     *All rate 1000-1300 not inclusive breakfast.
For more Information OR Taxi call : 080-652-9676 


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